Peace and the Pacific

The early morning fog has started to roll back now and the ocean has begun to sparkle like a giant jewel in the sun. 

Everything is beginning to wake-up with the day light.  The gulls are diving for breakfast in the surf.  If you look close enough the anchovies are darting left and right, just under the surface of the water, trying to avoid the hungry birds.  My feet touch the incoming tide and I can tell you right now, the warm currents from the Gulf have yet to arrive.  The water is a little chilly.

I won’t be in the ocean today, but I will be at the waters’ edge, feeling her power and strength and at the same time, her calming vibes.  She brings me peace with every wave that flattens to a trickle as it rolls up the sand. 

I’m so much better just being close to this ocean. 


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