Support is Half the Battle

A phone call, a hug, a hand written note and even an email….there are so many ways to reach out and support a friend with cancer.

I sometimes think we feel like we don’t want to intrude on a life involved in a fight with cancer, but we should.  Support is so important. I just dealt with this issue, thinking this particular person lives a pretty private existence, so I kept my distance.  Eventually and taking little baby steps, I offered my support and it was the right thing to do.

She is on the healing side of her cancer now and I’ve received notes of thanks and appreciation.  Small suggestions of how to handle nausea or fatigue were used and with great success.  It’s opened up a dialogue between us that has strengthened the friendship too.   

If all goes well, she won’t need any more suggestions.  But I’ll be there for her if she needs me. 

Support at any stage is a good thing.

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