Keep it a Secret?

Years ago, cancer was one of those unspoken words.  In fact, in most obituaries, if cancer was the cause of death, it wasn’t mentioned.  “Died after a long illness” was usually code for cancer.

There are still families who keep a cancer diagnosis secret from the kids.  I assume they think by hiding the information, they are protecting the children from the added stress that comes with cancer.  I’m not sure avoiding the word is going to stop the way life changes around the house after a diagnosis.

Wu Minxia, a Chinese diver at the London Olympics, who just won a gold medal,   found out her mother has breast cancer.  Her parents decided to keep the information a secret for years!  That’s right, years.  Wu, like many Chinese children, left her home to train for the Olympics when she was small.  Her parents didn’t see her much, so they said, they didn’t want to interrupt her training with that kind of news. 

Her mom is in remission now, so with the bad news, came good news too. 

And a gold medal. 




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