Olympic Gold

Four years ago, I watched the Olympics with Leroy.

His cancer was making it’s last big push through his body, but he wanted to watch as many events as he could and he enjoyed every one of them.

In fact, one of my best memories was Opening Ceremonies from the Beijing Games.  Leroy’s doctor was coming over, not to talk cancer, but just to talk. He and Leroy had become great friends.  Leroy told Christian when he walked into the room, “No more talk about cancer.”  I think they both knew that the cancer had spread and quality time was the theme for the night.

I made fish tacos that night; it was the first time for this recipe with a spicy adobo sauce, fresh cod and crisp cabbage.  Leroy may have been sick, but he was still hungry and he loved fish tacos.  So there we were, the three of us, munching away, watching the parade of athletes and listening to Leroy do a running commentary on the various uniforms being worn by the athletes.  We laughed and talked and ate some more.  Christian brought the best cupcakes for dessert; It was the last night the two of them would  see each other. A night to remember; A night I’ll never forget. 

It was Olympic Gold.



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