How This Garden Does Grow….

It’s a garden full of strength, stamina, faith and love.  It’s a “lifting” garden….

We’ve all used it’s rare gift from time to time because we all follow a calendar that marks days of triumph and days of anguish.  We remember all the days with smiles and tears and if we hadn’t all stuck together, I”m not sure if any of us would be standing today!

Once again, I will say it with appreciation and affection…I am in awe of all of you.  Stay close these next few days, because August 15th is just around the corner.

But until then, there are many who need what we have, to pull through some tough times.  Cathy Foster, this community is sending strong vibes to block your cancer.  Of course we send prayers, but our thoughts are good companions to strong medicine.  Mo, it sounds like Patti’s “Mr. Wonderful” needs a “lift” too. 

So many cancer patients…too many cancer patients.  OUR garden welcomes them all.

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