Sometimes…you go on a trip with a friend, thinking you’re there for moral support.  That was the case last week when I joined a very good pal on a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. 

This was a trip to visit old memories; a new beginning for her actually, as a new bride.  Hawaii had been a honeymoon stop on the way to Bali many years ago and then the start of what was supposed to be a long and happy life together. 

Cancer has a way of changing those plans and it did.  Leukemia, a bone marrow transplant and numerous side effects of treatment, would end their life together.  My friend’s husband has been gone almost a year now and this trip was really more of a journey, than a trip down memory lane.

We had a beautiful memorial for Bruce one evening.  The ocean crashed into the lava rocks while the sky crackled in oranges and reds.  It was a special Hawaiian sunset for a very special man.  We shared stories and shed tears while Bruce’s son threw an orchid lei into the tides.  It was the perfect way to remember and honor this life.

It was a trip of memories for me too.  Leroy and I had great trips to this spot for many years and as you all know, since he’s been gone, my visits to Hawaii have resulted in many unusual “happenings.” 

On a walk one morning, on the same path I took every morning, was a lava rock, in the shape of a heart , sitting on a piece of drift wood.  

My journey to Hawaii is always more than a vacation.  It’s a visit, one way or another. 


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