A Random Reminder

I was out with my sister yesterday, knocking down our “things to do” list before the ocean would get my undivided attention in the afternoon.  We made a quick stop at a store where I grabbed a couple of things and got to the check-out counter happy to see that the line was short, just one woman ahead of me.  The lady working the register recognized this woman and asked about another regular customer she hadn’t seen in a while….”Where’s she been?”  “Is she on vacation?” This woman bowed her head and looked so sad when she answered, “She went to the doctor because she wasn’t feeling good.”  “Turns out she was full of cancer.”  “The doctor told her she doesn’t have much time left.”

There we were, the three of us, staring at each other, kind of breathless.  Those words had a way of taking the air right out of the room.  All I could say was, “I’m so sorry.”

The customer just shook her head not knowing what to say, but her body language spoke volumes. 

I made my purchase and left the store, but the encounter stuck with me.  Even in the most remote way, three lives were touched by cancer yesterday.




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