Putting One Foot Forward….

It’s been a “learning to put one foot in front of the other” kind of week for me.

Yes, there are days when I still wonder, “How did this happen to MY life?”  “OUR life?”  Then I get a grip and remember so many others are going through hard times, filled with illness and tragedy too. 

I think about my cousin who is showing such bravery in her battle with breast cancer.  She’s come through every phase of treatment, including reconstruction and is preparing for radiation now.  She’s trying to be the great mom she was before cancer and the wife she was before cancer and the professional she was before cancer and it is hard.

I think about a couple I know who have nothing to do with cancer world, but are going through hard times, trying to steady two sons who have done multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  They are not the sons they raised because they have been on the ground floor of war…not a very nice place to visit.  So, with a lot of love and understanding and support they will find a way to keep their family, whole.

And I think about the young mother I met last night who lost her husband seven years ago to a surgery gone-wrong.  That was bad enough…he left her with young children and as she put it “falling without strings.”  Then came her diagnosis of breast cancer.  But she put her head down and faced the cancer head-on. 

Her words to me will stay with me for a very long time….”Laurie, we just have to remember to put one foot forward every day.”  “We have to keep living.”

Yes, we do.



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