A Positive Side Effect….

Where does the strength, the courage, and the will to live come from?  Really, do we have a hidden pocket of cells tucked away in our bodies some where just waiting for a trigger to go off?  Does an alarm bell ring, a silent “Help now” nerve that spills these potent life savers into our blood stream and gives us the power to fight? 

Seems like cancer patients are given the biggest of these secret pockets for good reason. 

I have a pal who is fighting colon cancer right now and he is squeezing that pocket dry….ten weeks of chemo will do that to a person and he’s got a few more weeks to go.  But instead of giving-in to the nasty side effects of the chemo blast, he is pushing back, as hard as he can.  He reads the stats on treatment and looks at the positive side of the results.  He won’t allow himself to look at the numbers and see that the odds don’t always lean in his favor.  He’s convinced himself, his outcome will change the numbers on the survivors side of the ledger. 

This is a cancer warrior who is already planning his life ‘post-chemo’ and cancer isn’t written in the future chapters.

This is a guy who takes his chemo and sees the positive side effect of the treatment.  He calls it LIFE.

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