It’s a Chocolate Kind of Day…

One of the biggest chocolate lovers I have ever known died a year ago today.  Bruce loved chocolate.  He and Leroy were at the top of the list when it came to many things and eating chocolate was one of them.  They also shared a love of Peking Duck. Bruce may have taken the blue ribbon when it came to eating Peking Duck.  He would order a duck for the table and then order a duck for himself.  It was a smart move on his part.  That way the rest of us at the table would get a taste too!

Bruce also happened to be one of the smartest guys on the planet.  His headstone says he was a teacher, a healer, a renaissance man and he was all that and more.  The CDC was a smarter place because of Bruce.  He was an infectious disease doctor and even though he didn’t practice, he made many discoveries that saved many lives during his time at the Centers for Disease Control. 

Bruce just knew so much about so many things.  He was a thinker.   

When he was diagnosed with a very bad form of leukemia, he helped to manage his own case.  He knew he was in for the fight of his life.  That’s the trouble with being a doctor, you know too much.  But he had that fighting spirit that we talk about so much here.  I called him a warrior because he faced the worst enemy, stood toe-to-toe with it in one battle after another.  He won many of those struggles and that allowed him the joy of watching a few of his son’s baseball games and he had the pleasure of seeing his daughter blossom into a beautiful young lady.

But that was all that the leukemia would allow.  He was 64 when he took his final breath at Hopkins a year ago this evening. 

His best pal and widow, who misses him beyond words,  laid white roses  today, where he rests .  It is a hard day of remembering.

I too, paid a visit to the gravesite.

I left behind a chocolate truffle and a prayer.  I miss my old friend.

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