Where to go…What do to first?

I listened to her story of misdiagnosis and it only got worse as she described going from one doctor to another with very little guidance.  She knows she has breast cancer and even getting that news went from bad to worse after being told her type of breast cancer was easily treated to one surgeon suggesting she remove both breasts.

It’s been a nightmare.  And you know what she says has been the worst of it?  That no one has shown any compassion toward her.  No one has provided a guiding hand to the next step or even the first step.  This is not an uneducated woman we’re talking about here and she hasn’t gone to back alley clinics…on the contrary, but this woman has clearly fallen through the cracks.  Cracks that shouldn’t be a part of cancer world.  It’s bad enough once you’re in the system and going through the treatment.  The road to treatment should be paved with knowledge and understanding and qualified people who can help guide a patient through the right doors. 

So today, she’s trying another doctor who is part of a program that offers a multidisciplinary clinic, specializing in breast cancer.  They work as a team with the patient in control and everyone on the team knowing what the game plan is for each individual patient. 

What a concept!!! 




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