In the past few days, I’ve heard from two women who are scheduling “do-overs” from their breast reconstruction surgeries.

I could hear the dread in their voices as they talked about being unhappy with the results from the first surgeries.  They were prepared for the hard days of healing.  They knew the “new” breasts would be different, but they were not prepared to be so disappointed that more surgery would be required to improve the outcome. 

These women are not narcissistic; both are very natural, beautiful women.  They live on opposite coasts, but with similar results after going through some tough months of cancer treatment.  They are both cancer free and they simply want to feel whole again.  They want to be able to look in a mirror and feel comfortable with what they see. 

“Do-overs” are OK in miniature golf….they are not OK when it comes to breast cancer reconstruction.


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