“It’s all I can think about”

She’s a professional woman.  She has made her own way in the world for many years and she’s raised a daughter along the way.  I’ve known her almost twenty years.  What was a business relationship turned into a business/friendship a long time ago, so when she told me she’d been recently diagnosed with breast cancer, I was so sorry to hear the news and offered-up any help I could provide.

The one thing I can’t do is take away the “I have cancer” thoughts that are in her head every minute of the day and night. 

“It’s all I can think about.”   That’s what she told me today and her tone of voice spoke louder than the words.  She’s already exhausted and the hard stuff hasn’t even started yet.  She’s still making decisions on doctors.  Surgery is in her future and she’s got plenty of questions to ask before that happens.  She feels so alone in all of this;like she’s the only one of the planet right now dealing with this awful disease and it’s not because she is alone.  There is family and there are friends who are calling, but as you all know, cancer has a way of isolating its victims. 

It’s so overwhelming to hear those words, “You have cancer.” 

She’s trying so hard not to jump to the worst conclusion, but when she thinks about the future, she wonders what it holds for her?  The question mark is growing in her mind by the minute.  I try to tell her, she shouldn’t go there, but it’s a silly suggestion.   I’ve never known a cancer patient NOT to go there. 

Once again, cancer has gone to work; not only in the body of its victim, but in her mind. 

I’m not sure where the most damage will be done.

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