Sometimes, the calls are worth the wait!!

Scan days are hell!!  That’s the truth of it….

It doesn’t matter if you’re feeling pretty good.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve tolerated the chemo or radiation fairly well.   When it’s time for a look inside to see what’s going on, it’s a scary day. 

I remember walking into the waiting room where everyone had the same look on their faces.  Anticipation in their eyes and worry on their brows.  Then came the “fruit flavored” drink.  Not a great way to start the day.  And finally the all-call; you hear your name and through the door that leads to the blood pressure tests and “before scan” review and then into the room to face the machine that will tell the tale. 

Will something light-up and spell c-a-n-c-e-r ?  Is it growing in the liver now, or maybe in the lung? Did the chemo shrink the original tumor site?  When you get down to it, when you’re in for your scan, there’s really only a couple of important questions bouncing around in your head.  Is it gone? Is there more of it?

My friend went through this on Friday.  He’s battling colon cancer and there was some concern about a spot. 

He waited and waited and got the call from his doctor.  All clear.  Good to go.  Proceed to the final round of chemotherapy, some recovery time to allow all that poison to kill any cells still floating around and then life.  Life as he remembers it, before the treatments, before the scans, before the phone calls that seemed to take forever. 

But sometimes, those calls are worth the wait!!

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