Some friendships are so special…

I was reminded today just how special some friendships really are….

I went to visit a wise, proud, former neighbor of mine; his friendship is one I hold close to my heart.    He is feeling every one of his 80-plus years these days.  He’s had his share of cancer over the years and now his lungs are putting a terrible strain on the rest of his body.  The fibrosis has made scar tissue that is slowly bringing down the oxygen levels and it’s making it hard to breathe.

We had a great day remembering the sailing trips we took out on the Chesapeake over the years.  No one loved to sail more than Paul and frankly, I’ve never met anyone who loved just being out on the water more; except maybe me. 

We talked about the things we miss,  as life and cancer took the love of his life a few years ago too.  But most of all, we just sat and shared the same space and felt so comfortable just being together.  He needs a little help getting around now but I’ve had plenty of practice at that, not to mention a strong shoulder that screams “lean on me.”

Talk about being in the right place at the right time.  I was with my friend Paul today… lucky day.


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