All Warriors Need a Rest…

His battle is over for now.  The last of the chemo went in as a slow drip last Thursday and he took it like a cancer warrior would; with defiance and bravery and probably a well-known hand gesture just to let those cancer cells know, this was it for them….”death by chemo” was their destiny.  This was his sixth round in the chair and I could see it in his eyes, he had hit his limit.

I also saw a faint sparkle returning to his smile.  The ‘exhale’ that signals the end of treatment.   The bigger piece of that was the result  from a PET scan he’d taken a few days earlier.  “All Clear” were the magic words that echoed in his ears. 

Surgery, radiation, chemotherapy….Battle fought…battle won.  Time to rest and recover a life put on hold by an invader. 

Warriors come in all shapes and sizes.  They wear many different uniforms.  All of them at one time or another, need a rest from battle.

This warrior has earned his rest.

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