Balancing Act…

They came today carrying bags.  Some had clothes in them, some had books.  Some had computers squeezed between folders, so you knew these folks were planning on being at the Cancer Center all day.  They were probably visitors who had loved ones on the upper floors..on the cancer floors or surgical floors or ICU floors…whatever the case, they were there for the day. 

They carried their bags in different ways.  The back packs looked heavy. They were bulging at the seams.  The bags with long shoulder straps were typically over-stuffed…there’s always room for one more item in those kind of bags.  Newspapers, magazines, medical reports, family pictures…all the bags carried into the cancer center today had a purpose. 

And then there was one man who had just a small bag.  He was an elderly gentleman and he was having trouble with his one bag because he was trying not to spill the precious cargo he was carrying in his other hand.   He was holding a beautiful glass vase with flowers that looked like they’d just been picked from his garden.  They were fragile, multicolored varieties and it was clear they were much more important than whatever was in the bag.

His forehead was wrinkled and he walked with a purpose.  I could tell he had a lot on his mind. 

Another morning at the Cancer Center…Care-givers carrying bags and flowers…always a balancing act.


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