Once a care giver….

She has surgery tomorrow at the crack of dawn.  It’s a big surgery for breast cancer and to tell you the truth, I think she’s relieved that it’s finally going to happen.  It’s been weeks and weeks of meeting doctors, talking about procedures, what happens if the lymph system is involved, what happens if all is clear.  The mental anguish of going through the possibilities has been hard on her.  I can hear the fatigue in her voice.

She’ll be under the O-R lights at dawn and after that, what? 

One of the surgeons at the table tomorrow already told her, he wants her out of the hospital fast.  He wants her home in a hurry, rather than risk any staph or other infection issues that can be so easy to pick-up in a hospital.  Having gone through that scenario with Leroy, I am one-hundred percent agreeing with that doctor! 

So I’ve given her a list of things she’ll need at home as she recovers.  My own little “care-givers” directory that might come-in handy as those post-op effects arise.  She wrote them down and chuckled about giving this to her care-giver.  “Once a care-giver….always a care-giver,” she said. 

I wasn’t the perfect care-giver but I tried hard to make those post-op days in this house, smooth and as easy as possible.  I learned a lot over time; little tricks that made my patient feel safe, at-ease and cared for….the trifecta in a care-givers world.


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