Game Ball to the “Pink” NFL….

It’s October and that means National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

The White House is glowing in soft pink.  Spin the dial and you’re bound to find a breast cancer expert on just about any of the morning news programs, radio or TV.  And on any given Sunday, believe it or not, there are NFL players wearing pink wristbands, pink cleats, pink chin straps and the list goes on and on.  The refs are even using pink coins in the game opening tosses. 

The NFL calls it “A Crucial Catch” campaign.  Pro football isn’t just for guys anymore and getting the message out to the more than 58 million women who are watching football is a very smart move.  Awareness, knowledge, annual breast screenings, self exams…these are all part of the league’s message. 

Many players step out from their teams’ rosters to tape personal messages explaining their one-on-one connection to breast cancer.  All of this has raised many millions of dollars directed to breast cancer research. 

This Sunday night, if you think you notice a pale pink glow bouncing off the turf at the Chargers-Saints game, you’ll be right.  New Orleans is “painting the town pink.”  The Super-dome and other prominent buildings in town will be lit, pink.

October 19th, the Buffalo Bills  will work with local groups to light Niagara Falls pink  and the Indianapolis Colts will partner with their city to turn the canal that runs through town, pink….for the entire month of October.

 There are so many ways to get the word out about cancer; so many worthwhile organizations that are determined to find a way to stop this beast.  

 This month, the game ball goes to the NFL.

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