What do you get when you put six care givers in a room? 

It’s no joke.  It’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. 

You get the best kind of support on the planet. 

Six care givers to six metastatic colon cancer patients and not a one in the group allowed themselves to think about their journey ending badly.  NOPE, it was peddle to the floor….LIVE for today. 

Five of the six were women taking care of their men.  All had taken the stand that what ever it took to push through another treatment, another clinical trial, another day; that’s what they would do.  And they did it because they didn’t want their loved one giving-up.  Staying strong, staying focused on “living” stopped any doubt or fear from creeping into their lives. 

Quite a formula and they were living proof that it works!

So many had gotten comfortable with taking this stand alone, with no help, no one beside them to offer a shoulder.  So when they realized the best by-product of this session was discovering they were not alone in this mission, they felt secure too. 

The care-givers getting care from each other…..a shoulder for each of them to lean on…..care-givers getting care.  Sweet!!!!

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