A Season of Life

The sun hadn’t caught-up to the calendar, it seemed, until today. It’s finally turning into Fall.

Have you noticed the light?  Have you noticed how the golden hues have started to creep into the leaves?  Summer’s heat is gone.  The sun sits low in the sky now and doesn’t heat-up the daylight any more. 

The days are so short.  Twilight rolls over and covers us with amazing sunsets, but I miss the long days. 

Fall was our favorite time of the year.  Leroy and I would take long, conversation filled walks along the C & O Canal keeping step with the Potomac River and it’s surging current. We’ve left so many footprints in that canal dirt.  So many words have floated over the trees…so many times, the topic would turn to cancer and “what if’s.”  I’ve gotten most of the answers to those questions now, it’s been a little  more than four years since the colon cancer took his life. 

But I think back to those walks and cherish every memory. 

Fall might be just another season to most folks; to me, it’s a season of life.

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