Creatures of the Calendar

We probably don’t mean to “feel” the dates on the calendar, but we just can’t help it. 

I will always remember the late summer heat and think of the day Leroy and I walked into the hospital lobby on the way to the routine colonoscopy that turned into anything but routine.  It was a life changer. 

I remember watching the television on the morning of September 11…Leroy had just come home from his colon resection and removal of the tumor, when the world went on pause and we all found out what the meaning of terrorism was, on our own soil.

I remember the healing process.  His first steps on the canal that gradually turned into strides, and then miles. That was a very emotional Fall for us.

And I remember and remember and remember.

The calendar has moved along, year after year…..but some days are still different.    That’s how we live in the post-cancer world.

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