Mail Call…

I think I passed a test today.  The next time some one asks me how I’m doing, I’ll be able to say with some conviction, “OK.”

I’ll tell you why….

I have a rural mailbox.  The kind of mailbox that sits out on the street.  So I make the walk every day to get my mail.  Today, there were many letters, a few bills and a large, card addressed to Leroy. 

I don’t get that much mail for him any more.  This one stopped me in my tracks.  In big blue print it said, “If you’re 50 or older, it’s time to have a colonoscopy.”

The reason I say I’ve passed a test is because when I saw the message on this card, I actually chuckled for a second….then shook my head and said out loud (with no one around me) “Yeah…I’ll be sure to tell him.”

If this card had come to the house a few years ago, I would have been reduced to tears in the driveway….so I guess I’ve come a long way.

There are other words on this advertisement card, stressing this particular health care group and how its clinical teams can perform the colonoscopy focusing on comfort.  They go on to say IF cancer is found, they can treat it, “so you can get on with life.”

It sounds so simple.

NOT exactly.


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