Two pals and a cancer patient

They were in the elevator. It was easy to pick out the cancer patient.  He had little wisps of baby fine hair.  His skin tone was pale and his eyes said “I’m having radiation treatments.”

But they were a happy trio.  Three men…two pals and the cancer patient.  They were his “lifters.”  They kept him laughing and smiling and he loved them for it.  It was so apparent, they’d been friends for a very long time.  The two pals were there to support their friend. 

One asked the cancer patient how he was feeling today.  He answered quickly, without hesitation, that he “felt pretty good.”  “It’s a good day,” he said. His friend said “that’s because we made sure you took your medicine.”  “See, as long as we’re here for you, you will feel good.”

The cancer patient smiled.  It was a smile that touched his friends’ hearts.  It touched my heart too and I was just an observer!

The doors opened to the radiation oncology floor and out they went; two pals and their cancer patient, ready to face the day. Ready to face his treatment.

Lifting would be the order of today.

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