It’s All About the Support…

The three men in the elevator, the young woman pushing the older lady in the wheel chair.  The young boy walking through the lobby, trying to anchor himself against the strong, taller man, probably his dad. 

Men and women in white coats rushing to the outpatient waiting room and through the door that leads to the exam rooms.  There are appointments to keep, scans to read, results of those scans to share.  Some of it will be good news, some of it won’t be good news.

It’s another day at the cancer center. 

When I’m there and witness these scenarios, I feel like a fly on the wall.  I want to stop each person and tell them to “fight on.”  I want to tell the care-givers that they are doing tough duty and although it will be exhausting, it’s the right thing to do.  It’s all about the support…..without it, their loved one’s would stop trying.  The cancer would win without a doubt.

I want to share my experiences and let them know they shouldn’t feel like they’re all alone.  Learning to “lift” is hard. It requires a steady hand and a strong heart in this battle.

I hope they know, that so many of us have paved the road for them.  And I want them to know that they’re supported too.

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