Always Fighting…

The thing about cancer….when you’re not fighting it, you’re still fighting it.

Five years ago this very day, Leroy was fighting for his life, not because of his cancer.  He was actually in a slight pause from his disease.  He’d had an operation to replace a vertebrae with a shiny, new metal one and instead of coming home to heal, he made a brief stop at home only to land in the ICU with a life threatening staph infection. 

That led to another surgery; ten hours overnight and it was touch-and-go for days after that.  When he finally turned the corner, he wrote on his blog about how he hadn’t thought about his cancer for days.  The staph infection had managed to put ‘cancer’ on hold.  He’d put all his fight into this new crisis.

I remember the surgeon saying he would never be able to figure out how Leroy had made it through that night in the O-R.  

I knew…He was a soldier; a warrior, with an uncanny will to live. 

Cancer put him in a perpetual fighting mode…he was always fighting.  That’s what cancer patients do, even when the cancer takes a few days off.

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