Feeling the Embrace…

It’s hard to explain the feeling.  The minute the plane touched down and the door opened and the Island air rushed in, I knew I was back in my place of “home.”

Maui is a place of “home” for this soul.  Maybe it’s because my soul mate’s resting place is here and the memories of such special days and nights are piled high in my mind…this where his ashes were scattered and was set free of pain and worry from his cancer.  This island holds my heart in its arms.

My first stop was the beach where my toes felt the warm sand and the sun smiled a Maui welcome.  I looked out over the gentle Pacific, and whispered an “aloha” to Leroy and exhaled.

Really exhaled.

Puu honua…a place of safety.  No’o No’o…reflection.

Back on “my” island…”our” island….I feel the embrace.


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