Lost and Found

Maui Sunset
Maui Sunset

I have a little zippered purse I bring with me to Maui every year.  It’s the perfect size for the room key, my phone, and I never worry that I have too  many valuables sitting on the sand or by the pool.

So, as always, I brought it with me this year.  When I went to put the new key inside, I noticed some old crinkled papers stuffed in the bottom of the purse.  The first one I pulled out was an old receipt for charging  things at the pool, dated May of 2007.   That was the last trip Leroy and I took to this enchanted island together.  I will always remember his doctor saying, “If you’re gonna go…go NOW.” The cancer was hiding, but would show itself again soon… so we made our plans.  It was a bitter/sweet trip.  We did the usual things…..went to our favorite restaurants, spent days on the ocean, sailing, and a lot of pool time reading books and listening to music.  I remember catching a glimpse of Leroy sitting on the lanai, staring out to sea…I never asked him what was on his mind at that moment; but I knew…he knew too.

There was one more receipt in the purse.  It was another charging slip, dated October 2008.  My trip to Maui, alone, where I laid Leroy’s ashes to rest at sea.  Where he is today, at peace, at the place where the Pacific wraps her arms around him in the spirit of Aloha.


Those two little papers are folded again and placed  back inside the purse and zipped closed.

Some things aren’t meant to be discarded.


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