We Need Our “Treasures”

Maui Sky
Maui Sky

No matter what they are…videos, class rings, eye glasses or undershirts….they transform from every day things to cherished treasures.

They become our connections to our loved ones and they bring back images of sharing a cup of coffee on a Spring morning or a favorite vacation or just a smile.  We all need them to get past the “alone” days when we miss them the most.  And those days come when you’re not prepared to face them.  It’s not just a birthday or anniversary, it’s any day.

I bring Leroy’s fip flops with me to Maui every year….they are the anchor to his memorial on the beach each year.  And I still have his Hawaiian shirts that gave him so much pleasure.

We need our “treasures” to help us through the tough times….the missing times.

‘Olu…comfort in Hawaiian.

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