Coast to Coast Uproar…

It’s a mess.

“Sandy” left her footprint across the U.S. in a big way.

I hope each of you and your loved ones are safe and unharmed. 

I will return to a mess of leaves and branches, like many of you, but that’s OK because the mess can be picked-up and eventually life will resume. 

Just to let you know, Mother Nature was having her way, not only off the Atlantic Ocean, but also in the Pacific; I experienced my first full Tsunami threat in Maui the night before the storm hit the D.C. area.  No kidding, the 7.7 earthquake in British Columbia triggered a Tsunami alert for the Hawaiian Islands and there was an evacuation ordered that night with Maui being the target island.  All hotel guests on the first three floors were moved to higher locations where I was…the entire island was put on alert as well as everywhere else in the island chain.  The first wave hit at 10:28 p.m and four more followed.

Luckily they were not big waves, as you all know in science, it’s an educated guess, so the experts were guessing small waves, really hoping small waves…turned out to be right.

But what a night.. a long night. 

The next night, Hurricane Sandy roared over my house….another long night.

Coast to coast….

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