No Time to Heal…

They are a family mourning the loss of a son, brother, husband, father, provider….just a few months ago, cancer took his life. 

He was a warrior in cancer world.  He tried every treatment he could to push back the disease.  He had remissions, but they weren’t long enough and eventually they stopped coming and the cancer spread.  The family gathered to remember their loved one and the healing through the grief began.  As you know, it takes a very long time for those feelings of loss to subside.

But there isn’t time…they don’t have the time, because now comes word that another son, brother, husband, father and provider from the same family has just been diagnosed with cancer.  A stage 4 cancer…A different cancer than his brother, but a killer cancer, none the-less.  

It takes everything you’ve got to get up off the floor once, from this disease…How do you do it twice and in such a short amount of time? 

There’s no way to make sense of this.  There is no understanding of it.  There is no time to heal.

The fight is on…again.


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