Cancer in a Box..

Cancer is a burden on us all.  It is relentless.  We go through it as patients, as care givers, as friends of patients, standing on the margins, willing to help in any we can help.  If we’ve done it once, we are changed forever.  Unfortunately, many of us have done it multiple times and each ordeal, changes us again and again.

There are moments in cancer that seem to make a permanent stamp in our memory bank.  I really do believe, as time passes, we forget a lot about the daily grind of care giving.  But there are those moments that happened over the days, weeks and months that seem to stay with us forever.  And the craziest things trigger flashbacks of those events. 

Don’t ever apologize for experiencing those flashbacks.  They are as real as life itself.  When they roll-in,  like a wave breaking inside you, stop and ask yourself  “Why now?”   There’s probably a good reason for remembering. 

We all have our way of coping.  We write journals, books of poetry, we blog…the list goes on and on.  It’s the only way to keep cancer in a box, away from the rest of our world.

Some things are just not invited into the rest of our world.

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