Truckin’ Along…

Two minutes…that was the difference between being on time to the Cancer Center and being 20 minutes behind….and it was all because of a monster truck that took a wrong turn.  It was actually directed onto the little street that leads to the parking garage at the Cancer Center.  It had no business going there, but the driver was young, and didn’t have a clue where he was supposed to deliver his load….so he turned and immediately got stuck at the dead-end street.  The problem was most every car backed up behind this big rig had an appointment inside the building.  It was a busy ‘treatment day’ today.

We were all stuck.  I mean it was textbook gridlock like you’ve never seen. 

Of course, there were two drivers who thought they could create their own lane of traffic and magically get around this mess.  That added to the scene, especially when an ambulance pulled out ready to roll, but instead was headlight to headlight with these over-thinkers.  So there we all were; stuck and stuck some more!!!

I couldn’t just sit there, so I jumped out of my car, ran up to the truck driver and strongly suggested he slowly back-up and turn his cab to pull into a near by side lane, while at the same time I asked the lead car to slowly put his car into reverse and the rest of us would also back up in sync….

When I heard the truck’s brakes release, it was like a symphony of air…back he came while the rest of us did the back-up ballet until the truck’s cab had room to turn.  Good old fashioned “working together” did the trick.  The truck found its new parking spot; my lane of cars slowly moved into the garage and cancer world began to move again.

I got to the elevator and met the couple who had been in the lead car of stuck patients.  The wife, in a wheelchair, was so upset because they had moved heaven and earth to be on time for her treatment this morning and wound-up 20 minutes late because of this crazy situation.

It was all I could do to calm her down, assuring her,  treatment would go on as scheduled.   This should have been her only concern today; getting treatment.

No one should have to build in time for a truck and a wrong turn and gridlock at a Cancer Center… one. 


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