Just a holiday…

So many of the homes along my tree lined street have been filled with laughter, relatives, friends and good food since Thursday, Thanksgiving. 

Kids on school break, playing catch in the front yard.  Big screen TV’s with images of  the long ball, yards gained and touchdowns scored. 

It’s a little piece of America on the third week of November.

Not so, for a family living just a few miles outside of San Francisco.  A young, vibrant woman is fighting for her life because the breast cancer she’s been battling for almost 15 years, has decided to come out of hiding.  As cancer does so expertly, it made its return, in not one little spot, but in many….and some vital organs are being asked to take a stand against the beast like never before.

There are grandparents spreading a blanket of love over a young daughter who knows only that her mommy is with the doctor.  There is a husband who is a man of great faith and has put his worries in the hands of his God.  Together, they have been struggling off and on for so many years and it never gets easier. 

There’s no telling if this is the point where the cancer load over-powers the strength and the fight that my friend has shown in earlier uprisings of her disease. 

I can only imagine her fatigue right now.  But surviving a serious surgery will require her to dig deep into those reserves made for times like this; “fighting for life” time.

Sometimes holidays on calendars are just that.


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