Are there “golden years” in cancer world?

We’ve all heard about reaching our “golden years.” The time in life when we’re supposed to enjoy our lives; less hassle,more gray, less worry if  we’ve planned well for retirement and don’t forget the ‘happily ever-after” part.   That part has no open slot for a cancer experience.  Nope….no cancer in the “happily ever-after” part. 

But reaching the golden years IS a possibility, altered as it may be…. Health issues, loss, changes in sleep habits and eating habits are some of the basic signs of sliding into old age.  That has been documented time and again.  Throwing down the cancer chip on that pile could be the tipping point if we let it.  But let’s not go there!

If you feel you’re already looking in the mirror and asking “Who is that “old” person?”  and cancer has changed your hopes and dreams,  make a change.  Start small and work your way up the lifestyle ladder….

If middle-age is within your grasp, time is on your side.  Don’t let the beast get the best of whats left.

You’ve survived cancer, one way or another and that’s golden.

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