What did we learn from “them?”

We thought we knew them well.  They were hard workers.  They were great moms, dads, brothers, sisters.   They were smart and they imparted their wisdom in so many ways while they shared their lives with us.  We learned so many of lifes’ lessons just by spending time with them; a lifetime.

And when they got cancer and we cared for them, they taught us to live with adversity.  They were the ones going through the hell of this disease and yet they left us with a satchel full of tools for life; a proud legacy. 

They probably didn’t see themselves like this and those of us who cared for them, probably didn’t tell them how brave they were or how strong they were, enough times. 

We were so busy being caregivers, we were missing this gift ‘they’ were leaving behind.

It’s a legacy to be proud of….

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