It’s all about “brave”

We were always brave.  We kept our “brave” in a pouch, tied-up in a bow because we didn’t until we needed it.

When cancer came into our homes, we needed it. 

Brave showed itself in so many ways.  We put on brave faces when we were out in public even though we wanted to let the world know how much it hurt to watch our loved ones struggle with the beast.  Those brave faces came in handy at home too.  As a caregiver, we tried not to show our fear or our worries. 

THEY were really the brave ones.  Going through treatment, they tried to stay as ‘normal’ as they could.  At home, when the chemo and radiation really put them in a funk, they tried not to give-in to misery. 

They were brave to their very last breath.

Kathie and Sasha said they learned to be brave…not so.  They just found their “brave” at the right time.

Nan said she gained “tools of understanding” from Leroy on his ‘My Cancer” blog;so did I.  I learned so many things from Leroy just by reading his words.  

He led by example on the “brave” front….that’s how I found my “brave.”

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