Taking a walk….

It’s a house with a new fence around the back yard because the couple just got the cutest standard poodle you’ve ever seen.  He’s jet black with piercing eyes, although I wonder what he really can see when those curls of fur fall over his face.  It’s also a house with worries because cancer has visited in a “relative” sort of way.  The father of the man who owns the house battles colon cancer.  He’s in a good place right now, N-E-D.  

It’s just one of  the houses on my street where cancer is a concern.

Then there’s another house, just a few doors up.  They have two of the best cats on the planet.  A new kitty just learning his place and a “veteran” cat with a personality that screams “Make a move without my permission and you’ll hear from me!!”  My friend in that house had a cancer scare recently.  It made three days in her life miserable while she waited to find out if the beast was living inside her.  It turned out to be nothing, but she’ll never get those three days back.  Cancer grabs what it can, even when it’s not there.

Next door to that house lives a cancer survivor.  He has been through a lot of treatment over many years and is living cancer free right now.  He’s paid his cancer dues for sure and so has his wife.  She was the support system and caregiver when cancer took priority over everything else in that house. 

Then, of course, there’s my house.  A warrior lived here too.  A cancer fighter and his caregiver. 

When I walk past all these houses on my street, I wonder if this is typical of other neighborhoods in the USA?  So many homes touched by cancer? 

And I’ve got the other half of the street to go!

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