The Hope Never Fades..

The picture emailed to friends across the country showed her in a hospital bed.  She was sitting up. She had a look on her face that reflected fatigue, anxiety and that “Get me out of here” look, when someone’s been in the hospital too many days. 

She’s had a mass in her brain removed; yes, it was cancer and there’s more where that came from, but she pushes on.  There’s already radiation scheduled and chemo after that. She’s a fighter.  Don’t get in her way.

Where does this seed of HOPE germinate from?

 I’m told she’s challenged her doctors about treatment options and has pushed them to send her home.  The PT and OT can be done inside the walls that make her feel safe and protected instead of a medical building where the best she can hope for is a few family pictures. 

She wants to be HOME and I can’t blame her.  I don’t know why, but hope flourishes in the soft folds of your own bed.  The pillow that produces sweet dreams, is your very own pillow.  And if you need to call out into the night, a familiar voice is there to respond.

Those are the building blocks of HOPE….the seed finds what it needs from that place.


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