Buried Treasure…

During the Holidays, so many homes are decorated with home spun mementos from decades past.  Stockings that were sewn by hands from a different era.  Tree ornaments with photos of babies who are grown now and are reading the AARP news letter.  Each and every item, a memory and there’s always room on a branch or near a menorah for a new chapter.  It’s what help makes this time of year so special.

Well, I went in search of treasures today.  It happened in the form of closet cleaning really.  Nothing as fun as decorating for the Holidays.  But I struck gold.    Unexpected treasures from Leroy’s history as a journalist.  I found a huge folder filled with his press ID’s from what must have been at least a dozen countries.  Most of them had a war going on because that’s what Leroy did…he covered war and the unthinkable of human rights issues across the globe. 

I found memo’s announcing his job as Bureau Chief of the CBS Los Angeles News bureau.  Notes of congratulations from names I hadn’t thought of in years.  I found notes from Dan Rather, written to Leroy thanking him for his good work overseas in various war zones.  

What a treasure chest, I’d found.   I sat on the floor for hours today, reading and laughing and tearing-up; sometimes all at the same time! There were great pictures too.  Some of great old friends we worked with in Los Angeles back in the 80’s.  

I found a card among the treasures too.  A little Koala bear high in a tree…On the front of the card it says “I”m allergic to being without you.” Open it up…it says..”I break out in lonely.”  It’s signed with an “I love you, L”

I gave him that card more than 25 years ago.  To think it was among his treasures…

Don’t I wish I could send it again….

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