This is the time of year when we take a deep breath and half-heartily make promises about losing weight, exercising more,  throwing away the pants that haven’t fit since high school and getting organized. 

In short, we make New Year resolutions. 

January means a fresh start on a new year and I guess we make the resolutions because it’s like we have a clean slate to start over.  If we keep these promises for even a quarter of the year, we’re doing pretty darn good. 

I’m looking back on this year and trying to remember the things I’m most happy about so I can figure out a way to move forward…what did I do that helped get others over a hurdle in life?  Some place where I’ve been; where they haven’t; that my knowledge has translated into decent advice.  It always comes back to cancer world.  It has too, because that’s where my experience comes in handy to those going through it now.   

At Hopkins, I was involved in working on video projects that helped guide cancer survivors.  These are patients who have prevailed and after tough treatment, are living free of cancer now.  They have late effects of their harsh chemo’s and radiation therapies and these videos help to educate them about following-up on important medical care that is intended to length their lives. 

I’ve been lucky enough to continue a close tie with this community.  It’s one of the best parts of any year for me.  We work together to give each other strength and direction every day.  All of us who have been touched by cancer in any way, need a strong shoulder to lean on from time to time; it comes with the territory.  We’ve done that for each other since this blog began back in the “MY Cancer” days.  You may have thought that Leroy’s words spoke for you….but let me tell you,  those messages back to him were powerful words too.

I gave Leroy a Hallmark card about five years ago that said, “You’re strong enough to rise above most any troubled time…Today may be a mountain, but you were born to climb.  It’s inspiring to see a life defined by such courage– the courage you’ve shown to everyone who has witnessed how the worst that life had to offer, brought out the best in you.”

He resolved to do that.  He kept that promise.  That was one resolution he lived long enough to fulfill.

Good luck with your resolutions…Better yet…Have a Happy, Healthy, New Year.

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