It’s a nice place to visit…

Happy 2013…sweet beginnings…resolutions…single words…whatever it takes to launch the start of this new year, I hope it brings us all healthy adventures and positive results. 

I had an interesting comment come my way over the Holidays; an acquaintance wondered if I lived “too much in the past?”  She was referring to Leroy, of course and remembering too many stories of our time together.

It’s pretty easy in many conversations to connect to the past with him.  We were together 25 years and we did share a very interesting life together.   Even in our individual travels, which we shared most nights with long phone calls or even short ones, just to say “Hello,” there was always some little tidbit we shared about the day.  Even at home, on one of those regular days, after so many years, stories do add-up. 

Is it unusual for a person who has lost his/her spouse to recall those times together?  Or maybe it’s not cool anymore to share those times with others? 

Maybe this person was saying in a round-about way;”Time to move on.”

Does this mean I have to leave that life behind?  I don’t feel like I’m living in the past.  Remembering it at times, doesn’t mean I’m living there..but I do admit, I like to visit every once-in-a-while.

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