NO expiration date..

I don’t think she meant her words to be insulting.  I don’t think she meant them to make me feel awkward or uncomfortable.  I think she just hasn’t walked in my shoes….”OUR” shoes.  It’s that simple.

If you haven’t been there, you haven’t been there.  It’s really not about living in the past.  It’s about taking that past and building a future with the best parts from it.  Even the rough parts help us learn and build from that past.

All the things that were said on this blog over the last 24 hours were right on point.  And unless you’ve experienced our particular type of loss, you wouldn’t know that it’s unique to each of us. We recover over time, but how we recover and move on in our lives is our business.  We can’t copy a paragraph in a book or follow suggestions from friends or acquaintances who can’t see inside our hearts. 

This is a big piece of what “they” call the ‘hard part of healing.” 

No time table….no expiration date.

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