What’s trending now…

I have a little box on my home page that headlines “What’s trending now.”   C-list reality celebs just don’t grab my attention so I hardly read the list.

I noticed it today, however because the word “cancer” was listed fourth. 

Cancer was “trending” today. 

A little digging to find out why cancer was “trending” and the research taught me that President Obama had made history last night, by signing the “Recalcitrant Cancer Act” into law.  What in the world is that “Act” you’re wondering?  It was previously known as “The Pancreatic Cancer Research and Education Act.” 

This legislation will require the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to examine its  current research efforts on cancers with very low survival rates, like pancreatic cancer, and to work to develop early detection methods and better treatment options for these difficult cancers.  Lung cancer is another one of these earmarked to get more attention.

There are many new guidelines the NCI must now follow to advance research of these deadly diseasaes.  The men and women in the lab coats working on these cancers will get more support now.  Their work will be reviewed differently and the victims of these killers will be the benefactors. 

Pancreatic cancer, lung cancer…they don’t get many big events; the spotlight doesn’t shine much on these cancers.  This is big news because it says more support is on the way and hope can’t be far behind. 

That’s certainly better than “trending.” 


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