“Nothing quite as sure as change..”

I probably date myself by mentioning the ‘Mamas and the Papas’ but when it came to lyrics, they had a grasp on life and its emotions like few of their era.  I have one of their albums (there I go again; who uses that phrase anymore?) that I listen to as I walk and the song “Look Through My Window” has a line in it that made me think about a few friends who are on the “healing side of cancer” at the moment.

“Nothing quite as sure as change..”

In all phases of cancer world, there’s nothing truer. 

These friends got through the treatment.  They got through the worst of what happens during the treatment.  Their bodies responded and they are N-E-D.  They’ve earned a rest.  But now comes more changes that require more ‘little fixes’ from the cancer.

One had reconstructive surgery from breast cancer.  It didn’t turn out too well and she’s now got a date with a surgeon for a reconstruction on the reconstruction. 

Another told me she figured if she could get through all the chemo and all the radiation and “get-on with living” she’d consider this war a victory over evil.  Well, she’s done it BUT now she’s living with neuropathy so severe her doctors are looking to find a way to aleviate the pain from this nerve damage. 

So many lives out there changed….so many lives out there thinking they got through the worst of it..what else could there be? 

“Nothing quite as sure as change…”

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