Living on his mind…

She says she knows when his cancer is making a move before the doctors know and I believe her. 

They are a couple who have been fighting metastatic colon cancer since 2008 and she’s become the mind reader to his disease.  It never occurred to me that being a care giver means you are part mind reader, but it’s so true.  I can think of a few occasions myself, when I knew something was going on with Leroy before any scan revealed the results. 

She says she just has to look at him and she can tell….or maybe it’s his body language or his mood on a particular day, but she reads the tea leaves and the doctor listens.  He’s a smart guy; he knows care givers have that extra sense.

He knows his disease will someday take his life but that doesn’t stop him from living every day and appreciating everyone around him and what they’ve done to help him push back on his cancer.  He’s the first one to say “thank you” to the entire team who has lifted him all these years.  

As he puts it, “I’ve tried everything that’s out there for my cancer and I’ve gone through ’em all.”  And he keeps on trying.

This is a man with “living on his mind.” 

He’s got good doctors, good treatment and a care giver with an eagle eye focused on him every minute.  That’s a combination even cancer can’t mess with!

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