Vindaloo and more…

It was just a plan to meet an old friend for dinner. 

Indian food was on the menu because she said she really didn’t know much about it and had always wanted to try it.  So there we were looking at a menu that was challenging to her but a welcome sight to me.  I love Indian food.

I found myself turning into a guide of sorts….explaining tandoori and biryani and samosa.  What was spicy, what was hot and spicy and what was milder, but still really tasty.  My friend appreciated “Indian food 101” but she wondered why I stopped to laugh somewhere between the description of a Lassi and the vindaloos?  Well, I was having a moment; a flash back of a young woman probably 20 years ago, at least, and a young man sitting at a table in a small Indian restaurant in Chevy Chase, Maryland.  The young man had convinced his other-half to try this restaurant, even though she had never really eaten Indian food.  He was the expert that night and had done what I was doing except he went straight for the hot and spicy knowing my preference!

We would visit that little restaurant so many times over the years…it was one of “our places.” 

I had a smile on my face the entire drive home last night. 

Leroy…you would have loved this place.  


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