I’m glad they are among us…

I’m of the opinion you can’t say enough good things about oncology nurses.  How they do what they do day-in and day-out  is beyond me, but I’m glad they are among us. 

I’ve been working on a project up at Hopkins, at the Cancer Center, that I hope to be able to share with you all next week.  It’s a video project that reflects on some very special couples who are coping with the trials of metastatic colon cancer.  They were part of a weekend retreat that was created to help them face so many of the issues that come with their present and future lives in cancer world. 

Two very special oncology nurses did the heavy lifting for this retreat.  They put together the total package and by that I mean every thing from massage to legal advice was on the docket.  These sessions were full of important information and the couples got amazing advice from all the experts…it was a huge success.  

These couples; the cancer patients and their care givers bonded during this weekend.  They realized they were not alone in their fight.  They shared experiences, they created friendships.  They laughed together and we all cried together.  It was the perfect combination of reality and emotions and it would not have worked, if it hadn’t been for these wonderful nurses, understanding what elements were needed to make this retreat work.

It’s what makes these women so special.  They GET cancer…they GET what patients and care givers need in the most difficult time of their lives.  

They cried at this retreat too…because they FELT what everyone else was feeling….they are special…truly special.

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