Quality wins…

I “get” how important it is to treat the cancer patient with the latest medical discoveries.  I understand that when the conventional therapies fail, a major cancer treatment center has the advantage of offering clinical trials that might come from just across the street where the researchers are doing their best to find one little opening that will lead them to killing more cancer.  I ‘get’ all of this….

What I’m beginning to witness is a change in patient treatment in cancer world.  Treatment is now being met with the understanding that the patient is so much more than their cancer.  They have needs beyond the medicine, beyond the science. 

Before cancer, we’re all involved in lives that include love, family, friends, and pieces of life that make us who we are, but when we get a diagnosis of cancer, those things seem to get swept to the side because we become so focused on the medicine that goes after the cancer.  Who we were before that moment is lost.  Now, there seems to be a change in direction.  Social services that include therapists, massage, counselors who are skilled at helping us stay in our lives are stepping forward.  

Somehow, a new awareness of how important it is to ‘live’ during cancer treatment has opened a new door in the treatment room.

It’s that old “quality of life” versus “quantity” discussion, but it’s no longer a discussion.  The vote is in…quality wins.

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