Late..for a very important date..

She was breathless…When she rushed into the elevator, she hit the button that said “1A” but I knew she really meant 1.  I didn’t say anything because I thought maybe she was meeting a friend on a different parking level.   She was fishing in her purse and came up with a piece of paper that she was examining closely.

I finally said, “You OK?” 

“Yeah…I’ve got to make sure I know where I’m going…I’m late.” 

The elevator door opened and she took a giant step out only to realize she did not want to be on this floor and she let out an “OH NO” at the same time.  So I told the next floor up is really the lobby floor to the cancer center and that was probably where she wanted to go.

‘OH Yes” she said, “Thank YOU”

We smiled at each other and I told her not to worry…she’d make it on time and if she didn’t that would be OK too….no one would turn her away.

“OH, you don’t understand….I don’t have cancer anymore.   This is my second 3 month check-up and I’m feeling so good, I can’t wait to see my doctor.”  “I don’t want to be late.”

I just smiled and as the elevator door opened again, she bounded out and as she sped away, she turned, said thanks again and wished me a good day.

What a grand smile there was on her face… N-E-D smile.  There’s nothing like it!

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